OH HAPPY DAY - December 2006

With sound engineer Nick Taylor at Air-Edel studios. String session conducted by Nic Raine. Nic Raine John Parricelli – guitarist. Gwilym Simcock – pianist. Sian Jones – soprano singer. Kike Pedersen – Paraguayan harpist. LaDonna Peters – Lead female Gospel vocalist. Working on the final mixes. Mixer Mathew Knights and director Ian Poitier at the dubbing session.

FRAMED - September 2006

Preparing the recording sessions at Air-Edel. Ivo Neame – pianist. James Allsopp – Tenor sax and clarinets. Seanine with recording and mixing engineer Nick Taylor. Finishing the mixing in the wee hours.

SEVERANCE / IT'S A BOY GIRL THING - January / April 2006

Christian Henson conducting for “Severance” in Studio 1 at Air Studios. Seanine conducting her arrangements for “Severance”. Recording and mixing engineer Nick Wollage, sound editor Richard Todman, “Severance” composer Christian Henson at Air. Pre-session for “It’s A Boy Girl Thing” at Abbey Road. In full swing for string session with Christian Henson at the helm.